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Pandit ji OmShukla Shastri Ji belongs to a family of priests comes from a long lineage of accomplished priests and is a seventh generation priest He was born in a highly religious family well-versed in Vedic principles. He inherited knowledge  in astrology from his fore father's as his legacy from them being born in a traditional Vedic Brahmin' family, he grew up in a religious and traditional Hindu Priesthood Environment, PanditJi has retained the parampara lineage of his family in the conduct of Brahminical duties to the highest standards in accordance with Hindu Vedic instructions, 

 He is a very well trained in vedic philosophy He has been formally educated and trained in India to chant the Hindu religious prayers, to perform religious worships of Hindu gods, and to perform all Hindu rituals and services. He underwent several years of formal education in the Hindu scriptures of Vedas and Upanishades, and in Sanskrit literature, 
Pandit Omshukla ShastriJi is a renowned Vedic Pandit 
A truly dedicated and qualified priest he performs a sanskar or conducts a Pujas, PanditJi has decades of experience in conducting various religious functions performing poojas and homams since 1997. Pandit Omshukla comes from rich vedic knowledge and experience in Hindu religious rituals and worship. PanditJi pursued training and study in the theory, practice, and methods of Hindu religious rituals and worship at the Sanyas Ashram Vile Parle West Mumbai and very well qualified to perform all the Poojas, Havans, Wedding any other rituals in North and South India Traditions. 

Pandit Ji  is well versed in Implication of different styles of worship used in the Indian Hindu Temples for peace and harmony in the world.

He is well versed in all vedas and mantras. He has over 20 years of experience in conducting pujas at various temples in india USA Canada UK. Pandit Shukla Ji is available for conducting any Puja in Temple and in home. 
as a priest with deep knowledge of the Vedic rituals. His hard work and dedication has brought him to the U.S. and he is currently serving as a free-lance priest to the Hindu Community In across the NYC Area NJ NY CT PA 
With a wealth of more than 20 years of experience as a Hindu priest in USA and India, Pandit Omshukla Shastri Ji Explains the meaning and significance of the ceremony with an agog mission of impermanent the Indian religious tradition to our future generation. The Lord has now provided to Indian Hindu Community of NYC Area , ith this unique opportunity of the service of Acharya Shukla Ji, who is now available for all types of Poojas or any type of religious rituals / activities you can think of, for both North and South Indians. He is available on weekends as well as weekdays. He can arrange self-transportation to Poja sites.

Currently, Pandit Omshukla ShastriJi offers his Hindu priestly services to the Indian Hindu Community families in the greater New York City Metropolitan Area NJ NY CT PA, NYC Area: as well as all over the U.S.A.
 He performs Hindu wedding ceremonies and various Vedic Poojas, Yagnas, Discourses and Kathas on Shreemad Bhagwat, Satya Narayan Katha with a bias towards youngsters in a western environment, who may not comprehend the full essence of Traditional Vedic culture and values. He is trained in Hindu Astrology and able to advise on auspicious times (Shubh-Muhurat) and performance of Vedic rituals as required

Pandit Omshukla Shukla ShastriJi hails from the chitrakoot Dham India. He started his Sanskrit Education and traditional priestly practice both at a very early age, away from home, in a temple environment. Pundit Shastri Ji continued his education and obtained degree of Shashtri (Bachelors) in sanskrit and then further completed degree of Acharya (Masters) in sanskrit , from the Sampoornanand sanskrit University (Varanasi,UP).
Purohit Shukla Ji learnt and received the knowledge of traditional Hindu rituals (north & South indian style) under the guidance of Swami Vishweshwaranand Ji Maharaj.

Earlier Pundit ShuklaJi , had started performing duties of a temple priest, during his early days as student, in Sanyas Ashram temple, in Mumbai, Vileparle . And then later on worked as independent pundit, along with some of the renowned pundits in Mumbai, from last 9 years, and have gained very good knowledge of karmakand practices.

has very good knowledge of astrology He is expert in performing various puja vidhis including all Samskaras, Yajna, Abhisheka, Homam, Alankarana, panditji is also expert in Yoga and Meditation. Panditji can speak Hindi, Gujarati English, Sanskrit, understand Punjabi & Marathi

has very good knowledge of astrology He is expert in performing various puja vidhis including all Samskaras, Yajna, Abhisheka, Homam, Alankarana, panditji is also expert in Yoga and Meditation. Panditji can speak Hindi, English, Sanskrit Gujarati 

The job of a priest is of lot of responsibility as he is carrying forward our ancient traditions and culture. Pandit Omshukla Ji Shastri Is well-trained and experienced priests who have good knowledge of Vedic Literature , Vedic Pundit expert in Shodasa Samskaram, Agama, Vaidika, Jyothisa and Vastu Sastra (Vidwan). Successfully organized and performed Vedic Yagyas. He has extensive experience in performing religious services, rituals, sacraments for the community, providing sermons on spiritual matters and religious aspects, arranging and organizing special ceremonies on various Hindu festivals and religious holidays. 

Pt. om shukla Shastri Ji  has a thorough knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Vedas, Upanishads and other sacred texts and ancient Hindu scriptures. He has working knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Yoga-Asana, Meditation, Vipasana and traditional Hindu meditation forms. PanditJi has received Shukla Yajurved, Sanskrit and Karmakand education. Shree PanditJi  as Vedpathi pundit has performed many Pran Pratistha, Yagnas and coordinated big events like Bhagavat Saptah. Vedic Purohit Ji  has very good knowledge of Astrology (Jyotish Vidya), Vedik, Pauranic Karmakand and Shraadh Karma. Pandit ShuklaJi has been the most respectable and recognised priest in the Bay Area Indian Hindu community since a decades. He has held an excellent image in the Bay Area Indian community 

If you are planning to perform any pujas please call the Temple Priest to make a reservation.

since 1997 Pandit Omshukla Shastri Ji has been Serving As A Purohit and he is one of the most respectable and recognised priest in the Indian Hindu community In USA since then. He has held an excellent reputation in the community with his extensive knowledge, patience, & his performance of rituals and prayers. He has performed over 800 marriages according to Vedic tradition. Pundit Om Shukla Shastri Ji is a highly qualified Hindu priest with the degree of “Shastri +Acharya ” and serves the community with  free astrological consultations and counselling. Panditji performs all kinds of poojas & hawan including Satya Narayan Katha, Grih Pravesh, Rudra Abhishek, all shanti poojas (e.g. Grah Shanti, Vastu, etc…), all sanskar poojas (excluding antyesti), Marraiges, and new vehicle pooja.  Pandit-ji is also very active in the community teaching Hindu philosophy and devotion/duties of a an individual towards God and humanity in community. Panditji has been regularly sharing his knowledge and talking about our festivals, rituals, significance of a particular ritual/day/festival and various factors related to Hinduism and humanity  He has attended various interviews on radio community programs and helped sharing his religious & spiritual knowledge to people seeking information. It has been a huge contribution to the community in bringing awareness on why and how the rituals are performed and what really religion means

Kathakar, Shri ShastriJi . He has always followed the footsteps of His Forefathers.  He obtained his  Shastri degrees from the Sampurnanand University of Varanashi in 1995. He has also obtained a masters degree (MA) in Sanskrit  He has studied Vedas, Upanishadas, Ramayan, Gita, Chanda Shasras, Kavya Shasrtas and other related Sanskrit literature. He narrates beautiful katha of Ramayan, Bhagwatam and Devi Bhagwatam. 
Shri Pandit ShuklaJi has also completed practical Training of Karmakanda of various sanskars and Anusthans conducted by the Sanyas Ashram Gurukulam In Mumbai He is a Marriage officiant Registered Marriage Celebrant, (Civil & Religious) and conducts all kinds of Satwik Anusthans.
He has been living a priestly life since his teenage days. Pandit ShuklaJi  has served the Hindu community of United States,  since 1999. He speaks fluent Hindi, English,  Gujarati and Sanskrit languages.