Griha Pravesh Vastu

  House Warming  Griha Pravesh Puja
 Vastu Shanti homam/ Havan
 The Griha Pravesh is essential when buying and entering a new residence. The Puja is performed to remove any impurities or bad vibes that may linger in the property, and invite bring peace, prosperity and auspiciousness into the new home.

First, a Ganesh Puja is performed. The Mangala Shantih prayer is said to invoke auspiciousness. Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune and Lord Vishnu are then invited by the Lakshmi Sri Sukah yagna. The Vastu Sukah is then performed by sprinkling water purified by the Gods and Vastu Deva around the housePujas and Vedic ceremonies are also important for commercial properties. Please discuss your requirements with the priest.



punditji offers Griha Pravesh Puja service according to your personal needs and requirements. To invite a priest to carry out your special ceremony, please do not hesitate to Call US